Interface Design is “Of Course” Design

When people try to design magical interfaces, they’re often aspiring for the “wow” moment, but that’s the wrong focus. Designers should instead be focusing on “of course” moments, as in “of course it works like that.” Most product design should be so obvious it elicits no response.

The problem with aiming for “wow” is when you try to innovate, your design process encourages novel new interactions. But by definition, novel and innovative are often not familiar or intuitive, which can easily tip over into “hard to use.”
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Leap Motion Controller for Linux

一个月前,我拿到了期待已久的Leap Motion机器。这玩意,很意外的成为我接下来半年,甚至更长时间的工作/研究重点。


让我的Leap Motion在Linux上跑起来,我走了不少弯路。刚拿到手的时候,我在Leap Motion的官网竟然找到了Leap Motion的SDK for Linux,但是却没找到Controller software and device drivers for Linux,即Linux下的驱动和控制器。


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