Interface Design is “Of Course” Design

When people try to design magical interfaces, they’re often aspiring for the “wow” moment, but that’s the wrong focus. Designers should instead be focusing on “of course” moments, as in “of course it works like that.” Most product design should be so obvious it elicits no response.

The problem with aiming for “wow” is when you try to innovate, your design process encourages novel new interactions. But by definition, novel and innovative are often not familiar or intuitive, which can easily tip over into “hard to use.”

On the other hand, the Nest thermostat, the iPod click-wheel, iOS’s pinch-to-zoom, the Wii controller, the first Google Maps, pull-to-refresh, and many other recent design success stories have a very strong “of course!” sense to them. Think back to using those products the first time. You probably didn’t struggle with them, which is why they succeeded despite employing unfamiliar interactions.

Great design does what it is supposed to with minimal fuss, and without drawing attention to how clever it is. That’s “of course” design. It’s wickedly difficult to pull off, it doesn’t garner headlines outside the design world, but it’s all your customer really wants.

Designers going for “wow” are too often leading with their desire to be recognized for an ability to innovate. Designers going for “of course” are earnestly attempting to fade their design into the background. They want their solutions to feel like they always existed, like there could be no other option.

Forget “wow”. You can’t conjure it. Instead, work to incorporate “of course” to your product. Your users will love the result, even if they can’t put their finger on why.

Jon Bell
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我在Coursera的第一门课程就是UCSD,Scott Klemmer教授的Human-Computer Interaction。因为enroll太晚,几乎快结课了,没跟着课程走下来而是自己看着视频补知识。基本上对人机交互有了一个系统的认识和了解。打算找机会重新温习一遍,然后将内容总结成文章发表在博客中来。

今天贴的这篇文章,是前几天看到的一篇讲交互设计的博客。讲的是在交互设计中存在的一种现象,热衷于“WOW”式的猎奇设计以期待带给用户一种反常态的体验来吸引眼球。而忘记交互设计是由生活中的元素演化而来,设计的本身是为了减少用户使用的难度,改善体验,是理所应当的“Of Course”设计!

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